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Secure storage of funds is an increasingly important aspect of cryptocurrency services and solutions. As such, we make sure that:

  • All funds are stored in cold storage facilities accessible only to key employees
  • Security audits are conducted on a monthly basis
  • All service code changes pass specialized checks

We stabilise cryptocurrency prices to completely avoid price volatility, allowing you to use your funds in a traditional manner:

  • We can convert all incoming transactions automatically at the most favourable market rate
  • Or you can invoice your customers yourself at a set amount

We can help you to identify high value clients and offer services that meet their needs:

  • Use of internal algorithms for incoming transactions in order to identify large clients
  • Increase high value player deposits and their playing time

Freedom to set AML policies for all incoming transactions:

  • We will help your compliance officers verify your clients funds
  • Allow you to set your own standards and policies

Our invoice system allows you to:

Create invoices and specify fiat amount

Issue an invoice for payment in cryptocurrency

Receive payment in fiat upon receipt of crypto payment from your client

We check your crypto

Big data analysis is a significant and labour-intensive undertaking with crypto assets. Your team needs to develop algorithms, test hundreds of hypotheses, write code and test it. Only after all this, are you able to offer a crypto analysis service to your clients. We have done all the heavy-lifting so that you can enjoy the fruits of our work.

This involves checks of:

  • Your client’s potential to further increase deposits
  • Your client’s source of funds in order to avoid regulatory issues

Easy API integration

You only need 2 lines of code to integrate with our service. Thanks to the SDK, integration has never been easier. We support six programming languages.

Back office

This is where you can analyse each transaction and verify all data. Thanks to our designers, this process is simple and painless. Just try it for yourself.

We have:

  • Separation of access rights
  • All data in one place

Benefits of working with us

Low fees for deposit and withdrawal

Instant cryptocurrency deposits, swift withdrawals, industry-grade security, and custom limits. All at a competitive price.

No chargeback, no rolling reserve

Chargebacks and rolling reserves change the concept of uninterrupted financial procedures.

Personal manager

A personal manager is always online and on your side to help deal with any issues. Feel free to ask anything.

Admin panel with reporting

The intuitive dashboard offers a convenient way for B2B clients to monitor and control payments in any currency.

Risk free

It is all risk free — don’t worry about development or maintaining code we take care of all that, just focus on your business.


We are flexible. We are ready to discuss your needs and help you take your business to the next level. Talk to us about your requirements.

Pay-in & Pay-out

Accept cryptocurrencies and make payouts. We support transactions in fiat via SWIFT and SEPA, and in the most popular crypto coins. Conduct settlements on a daily basis or upon a request.

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