Safe and easy crypto wallet for iGaming

DAOWallet is a secure web wallet that allows you to visit the distributed iGaming sites of tomorrow in your browser today

How to get started

Enjoy playing games

Safely transfer playable keys to the games using RSA public encrypt.

Receive real-time payouts to your wallet.

Start playing with a few clicks with streamlined registration.

Store all bonuses in one place.

Store crypto easy and safely

A safe and secure place to store your BETs and other digital assets.

Exchange your assets with ease.

Buy and sell crypto from your wallet.

Encrypt private keys safely inside the device.

Free and unlimited

Make your BETs work with delegating from your wallet.

No account fees.

No minimum term of the deposit.

Global and decentralized

Stake and vote with your BETs.

Unlimited access from anywhere in the world.

24/7 user support